Ralf Plücker has worked for us as a projekt lead for three years. During this time, we got to know him as a trustworthy consultant who copes with even the most complex matters. He has always been focused on working out a solution for oncoming challenges and led the project to a successful outcome.
Horst Schmitz, Director, NetCologne GmbH, 2021
"Ralf has been instrumental in structuring an Airbus project. He introduced a feature requirements process and revised the development process cooperating with all stakeholders which substantially improved efficiency and is still used for the company’s benefit after his assignment ended."
Reinhold Lüppen, Director Value Added Services, Airbus Defence & Space (now: Marlink), 2016
"Ralf has been an excellent business consultant supporting DT in a number of strategic deals, especially in conjunction with our strategic partner Microsoft. He has the necessary hard but especially soft skills to take the right steps and decisions on the client's benefit. In addition, we enjoyed his style and humor. He became a team member quicker than we thought possible."
Wolfgang Hisserich, Vice President Global Strategic Partnerships, Dt. Telekom AG, 2013
"We have worked with Ralf for years on various digital services - he is adept in every aspect of content services and has always been a great partner to work with. Ralf follows up on open issues, is instrumental in working towards a solution and conversant with abstract management considerations, but at the same time capable of going into detail where necessary."
Ralf Priemer, CEO, Mondia Media (vormals Bertelsmann Arvato Mobile), 2011
"Ralf is a tough negotiator while staying focused and reasonable, working towards a sustainable and very useful outcome for all parties involved."
Holger Christoph, Director, Universal Music Germany, 2011
"I have been working with Ralf over the past 4 years and he has given me
excellent support in my various music roles at Vodafone Group. Ralf has very
in-depth knowledge of the mobile content business and related challenges. You
can always count on Ralf even if projects become difficult and he will make
every effort to deliver."
Martin Kummer, Head of Music at Vodafone Group Services Limited, 2011
“It is rare to find someone who has managed to successfully combine their hobby with their career but Ralf is one of them. His knowledge, passion, and dedication for music and sound design flows over into every aspect of his life - it's never left at the doorstep of either home or work. This combined with his friendly yet highly professional demeanor make him and excellent team member and someone you can rely on and trust to get the job done.”
Tanya Highet, Senior Visual Designer, Vodafone Group Services Ltd., 2007
"Ralf is a highly professional guy with a great personality who was a pleasure to have as colleague in a fast paed environment. Highly recomended."
Simon Lewis, Senior Manager Office IT at Vodafone Holding Gmbh, 2006