Sample Activities

Please find below typical examples of what I can do for you - those tasks may exist in your company, but maybe profile descriptions sound rather abstract to you.

Digital Transformation

  • Files are still transferred as email attachments where you work and people never wondered what could possibly be wrong about it ("it works fine")
  • You would like to know a better solution for this and how products like Sharepoint may make you more efficient
  • You know "Whatsapp" for personal use and would like to learn about similar chat products for the corporate market
  • Your management would like to get an introduction to all the new buzzwords like "virtual collaboration", "file management", "cloud", "Internet of Things IoT", "Bring Your Own Device BYOD", "Software as a service SaaS"
  • You are somehow suspicious about "clouds", but not sure which part of the scepticism is justified?
  • You would like good advice and examples how products like Office365 can save you money and effort, from someone who does not want to sell anything to you
  • You would like support for your teams using Word, Excel and Power Point, exploiting only a fraction of the software's capacity, but as training-on-the-job, not ex-cathedra teaching
  • You have questions to solve regarding team members bringing and using their own hardware for corporate use cases (Bring Your Own Device BYOD)

After you chose what provides the most value to you, I could

  • consolidate the requirements for you
  • make non-biased product recommendations with a user-centric approach
  • manage and drive a tender/RFI/RFQ
  • manage the IT project for the technical roll-out in your company
  • guide your teams through their first steps with the new software - which is too often forgotten, so that teams are left alone with an unfamiliar piece of software
  • become your single point of contact. I will orchestrate the project across all disciplines. From other projects, I am used to interface lawyers, finance, management, IT teams, QA and the users.

Numbers, statistics, dashboards, cockpits

Maybe you do not call it "business analysis", but you may be sitting on a large amount of data which need to be "processed" to become usable? These data may be scattered across different systems, data bases and some old Excel tables. You need an overview where you can get information at one glance, sometimes called "cockpit" or "dashboard". You assume that valuable insights may be buried within those data, but it's all too messed up to bring benefit? Do you need a breakdown of the figures into products, KAMs or sales regions for internal comparison, provided by an external consultant?

Management Consulting

No one likes the term "process", but maybe for years things in your company are just done the way they are done. You would like someone with experience to take an unbiased look from outside, make proposals for improvement, facilitate quick decisions and implement the new process with your teams on-the-job, as opposed to power point slideware. Even if you are not in a position to point to the "weak spot", you may want to bring someone self-motivated, who injects best practice from other companies and works out a plan with you.